Meet Mimì: Nicole Cabell

Soprano Nicole Cabell has been a Cincinnati Opera fan favorite since she first graced the stage as the Countess in our 2009 Marriage of Figaro, and her “tone of liquid gold” (Opera News) keeps the audience longing for her next return. We’re thrilled that Nicole will join us once again to sing the charming Mimì in La Bohème! Read on to find out what she’s most looking forward to this summer, and why she keeps coming back to Cincinnati!

Why do you love opera?
Opera is an art form that incorporates beautiful music, lush costumes and staging, and universal human truths through storytelling. 

How do you think opera can benefit our community?
It’s important for people to understand culture and history, and opera is an integral example of both. Great, civilized cities have opera houses for a reason

How do you think opera can be more accessible?
Bringing opera to schools and introducing it on television has always been an excellent way to expose newbies and students to the art form. Now, we have the internet, and can continue to build opera’s profile online through alluring websites and social media.

Do you think opera can change lives?
Absolutely! Anything that invokes a powerful emotional response can, and what better way than through the epic music and stories of opera?

What are you most looking forward to this summer?
I’m always excited to return to Cincinnati Opera, one of the most important opera houses in America. It is a beautifully run company with a warm audience and consistently high standards.