What to Expect

First time attending? Curious to know what might be in store? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What Exactly am i seeing?

Learn more about our 2020 Summer Festival here.

What Should I Wear?

You may be wondering, "Do I have to wear a tux or ball gown? Is there a dress code? Will I feel under-dressed? Will I feel overdressed?"

When people picture a night at the opera, they often envision ball gowns, top hats, diamonds, and fur coats. While a night at the opera is a great opportunity to get fancy, there is no dress code! On most nights, you’ll see cocktail dresses, jeans, khakis and polo shirts, and coats and ties. Wear what you like—be comfortable! 

When should I arrive?

The doors open one and a half hours prior to the start of every Cincinnati Opera performance. This is to allow ample time for parking, exploring Music Hall, having a pre-show cocktail, or picking up a souvenir at the new and improved Bravo Shop, located in the former coat room. In addition, an hour before each performance, Evans Mirageas, The Harry T. Wilks Artistic Director, presents Opera Insights, an opportunity to learn more about the opera's history, music, and our production. Admission is FREE to all ticket holders. No reservations required!

Where do i Pick Up My Tickets?

Will Call is located at the newly accessible box office at the south entrance of Music Hall on Elm Street. We recommend arriving early to retrieve your tickets. For future performances, you can avoid Will Call lines by requesting a print-at-home ticket. If you have misplaced your tickets, replacement tickets are available at no charge. Contact the Cincinnati Opera Box Office at (513) 241-2742 until 5 p.m. on the day of the performance, or come early to the performance and visit Will Call. 

What if I Arrive Late?

First and foremost, we understand that life can become hectic and, on rare occasions, you may arrive after the start of the performance. Our late seating policy is at the discretion of the front-of-house managers, and you may be permitted into the auditorium shortly after the start of the first act. The new Audience Lounge off the main lobby is also available, so you may watch the performance in comfort until it's time to enter the auditorium.