Q&A With CSO Principal Flute Randy Bowman

Principal Flute of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Randy Bowman, took a moment to answer our questions about the music from Another Brick in the WallRead on to learn about his rock 'n' roll upbringing and the musical inspirations for this epic new opera! 

Do you have a personal history with the music of Pink Floyd? If so, can you describe it in a sentence or two?
The beginnings of my career in music were actually in the field of Rock, rather than Classical. Being of a certain age, I can remember when Pink Floyd released their first album in the U.S. From the start it was evident that they were something quite out of the ordinary—very imaginative, creative and innovative.

As you have been rehearsing for Another Brick in the Wall, what have your general impressions been of the music? 
The original music from Pink Floyd's The Wall provides composer Julien Bilodeau with ample material to successfully transform the work into its stunning new format. As a musician it is both interesting and satisfying to see how the original melodic, harmonic and rhythmic motifs have been developed, elaborated and morphed into their new setting without losing any of their primal power and atmosphere.