Naomi Lewin on The Flying Dutchman

Naomi Lewin Wagner

Classical radio superstar Naomi Lewin offered a lively and clever talk at last night’s Opera Rap event at the Mercantile Library. Presented in collaboration with the Wagner Society of Cincinnati, Lewin’s presentation focused on what she called “Flying Dutchman sightings” in pop culture. She offered wide-ranging examples, many featuring video clips. Highlights included Pirates of the Caribbean, Scooby Doo, The Simpsons, Xena: Warrior Princess, and the sumo wrestler-as-ice skater Geico commercial, which you have to see to believe.

The audience of about 75 attendees was charmed by Naomi’s insights, witty asides, and passion for opera. She introduced us to the term “fata morgana,” a mirage experienced just above a distant horizon. It can be especially pronounced at sea. Certainly worth a YouTube search. But you may find yourself down the rabbit hole on this one, so I recommend setting a timer before you start watching!

Special thanks to Jim Slouffman, President of the Wagner Society of Cincinnati, for the photo.

-Chris Milligan