2017 Season in the News


The Oakwood Register
"Left us breathless...[It] was dramatic perfection." Read the review.

Seen and Heard International
"Both inveterate opera fans and the uninitiated alike would be impressed." Read the review.

Cincinnati Enquirer
"Both the uninitiated and inveterate opera fans will be impressed" 

Opera Lively
"The cast was uniformly excellent...There were standing ovations for all involved." Read the review.

6.15.2017 Cincinnati Enquirer: Louis Langrée: La Boheme is a gift to the conductor
6.15.2017 Mujer Latina Today: Soprano Jessica River a Singing Success at Cincinnati Opera
6.12.2017 Cincinnati Refined: Why Cincinnati Opera's La Boheme Is The Most Relatable Opera You'll Ever See
6.12.2017 WCPO Insider: Stars of Cincinnati Opera La Boheme have their own Queen City love stories to tell
6.7.2017 Cincinnati Enquirer: What two opera leading ladies did for love
6.1.2017 The Voice of Black Cincinnati: You don't want to miss La Boheme in Cincinnati this summer!
6.1.2017 Movers & Makers: From 'Valley Girl' to the Miami Valley


The Oakwood Register
"It is the essence of wonderful art." Read the review.

Seen and Heard International
The story of the fatally flawed love between two giants of 20th-century art was brought to life in the colorful Cincinnati Opera production" Read the review.

Classical Voice North America
"A compelling production of Frida" Read the review.

"An especially vivid and compelling work that has struck a resonant note" Read the review.

Opera News
"Courage, determination, and passion at every moment." Read the review.

Jay Harvey Upstage
"Frida memorializes handsomely a unique contribution to modern world art." Read the review.

Opera Lively
"The opera is bold, colorful, and full of life and passion" Read the review.

Cincinnati Enquirer
"It leaves an indelible imprint that lingers long afterward." Read the review.

7.7.2017 CityBeat: Stage Door: A Cat, an Artist and Some Serious Heat
6.30.2017 CityBeat: Stage Door: Pre-Fourth of July Offerings
6.22.2017 Cincinnati Art Museum: Frida Kahlo with Catalina Cuervo and Cincinnati Opera
6.22.2017 Cincinnati Enquirer: 'Frida' opens operatic window into life of artist Kahlo
6.21.2017 Broadway World: BWW Previews: Frida at Cincinnati Opera Offers an Insightful View of the Artist
6.19.2017 WCPO Cincinnati: Cincinnati Opera's visually rich 'Frida' -- and related exhibits -- is a feast for the eyes and ears
6.19.2017 Mujer Latina Today: Al igual que Frida, Soprano Catalina Cuervo es Fortaleza, Amor y Pasion
6.7.2017 Cincinnati Enquirer: What two opera leading ladies did for love
6.7.2017 City Beat: Classics, Collaborations and Kahlo
6.5.2017 Mujer Latina TodayFrida de Cincinnati Opera 2017
6.1.2017 Movers & MakersFrida Bigger than life - perfect for opera

The Magic flute

The Oakwood Register
"What this production of Flute did with complete success was to blend reality with fantasy." Read the review.

Opera Lively
"Colorful, very imaginative and creative... It certainly is impressive." Read the review.

Seen and Heard International
"The serious and the comical are perfectly combined, producing sheer enchantment for both the conservative opera fan and the newbie." Read the review.

Broadway World
"There were just so many charming moments, clever details, and interesting interpretations." Read the review.

"An entirely unique and scintillating operatic experience" Read the review.

Cincinnati Enquirer
"Vastly entertaining and a technical triumph...The audience left the hall singing its praises." Read the review.

7.21.2017 CityBeat: The kids of CAST are alright- and so is Mozart
7.16.2017 Polly Magazine: Cincinnati Opera's The Magic Flute
7.14.2017 WKRC: Behind the scenes of The Magic Flute with Cincinnati Opera
7.11.2017 Journal News: Mozart gets an extreme makeover at the Aronoff
7.7.2017 Cincinnati Refined: The Magic Flute Is The Best Thing To Happen To Your July Calendar
7.4.2017 Movers & Makers: Cincinnati Opera's Magic Flute evokes silent film era
7.1.2017 Cincinnati Enquirer: Making magic with an animated Magic Flute
7.1.2017 WCPO: This Cincinnati Opera production of Magic Flute is like watching Buster Keaton in a silent movie

Song from the uproar

The Oakwood Register
"An emotional thread that was woven into a strong cable by incredible music and performances." Read the review.

Broadway World
"Beautiful and often abstract....Driving and intricate" Read the review.

Cincinnati Enquirer
"The opera unfolded like a dream...It was intoxicating." Read the review.

Jay Harvey Upstage
"The brilliance of the scoring indelibly served the story and the vocal line" Read the review.

7.21.2017 OperaWire: Weekend Preview (USA 7/21-23)
7.12.2017 CityBeat: A Visionary Contemporary Opera