UC Medical Center and Cincinnati Opera Voice Health Partnership

Cincinnati Opera and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC) have forged a partnership to bring musical performances to the UCMC campus and expert voice health care to professional and amateur singers throughout the region. Cincinnati Opera will provide programming to benefit UCMC patients, visitors, staff, and physicians, and UCMC will offer screenings and advice for the Opera’s performers and the Greater Cincinnati voice community.


Cincinnati Opera presents several public performances on the UCMC campus every year. The performances are held in the main lobby and visitor waiting rooms, encouraging the attendance of patients and visitors as well as staff and physicians. During Cincinnati Opera’s summer festival season, the UC Health Performance & Professional Voice Center will offer free screenings for Cincinnati Opera singers, including young artists and chorus members, and will hold an informational session at Music Hall to advise singers on voice health.


For more information about the UC Medical Center and Cincinnati Opera Voice Health Partnership, view the press release here.