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Madama ­Butterfly
Giacomo Puccini

Production Rental Information

Contact Information
Kate Brockmeier, Production Operations Manager
Phone: (513) 768-5539
Fax: (513) 768-5553

Available for rent

Production Information
Director: James de Blasis
Set designer: Paul Shortt
Lighting designer: Jay Depenbrock

Scenic Information
Scenery built by: Cincinnati Opera
Year built: 1992
Year refurbished: 2006
Stock scenic elements used: Raker boxes
Stock units available with rental: yes, as available
Minimum depth: 38′
Minimum width: 44′
Height of tallest drop:
Number of trucks: 2, 53′ trucks

Crew Requirements
In Cincinnati, the following crew sizes were used. Please note that these crew numbers reflect our agreement with IATSE Local 5, and the specifics of the Cincinnati Opera Summer Festival Season. Crew sizes may vary for the renting company.

Carpenters Electrics Props
Run crew: 12 4 4

Act 1

Act Ib

Act II